As I write this, the sun has finally won the war over the clouds, and it looks as though we’ve broken the cycle of constant rain.  My front yard garden seemed to explode today with the intensity of the suns rays.  I swear that the dill by the front door doubled in size.  Flush with the saturating rains of the last week, anything green is just eating up the photons and making up for lost time.  Nature always finds a way to adapt, that a good thing for all the local farmers, as they’ve not been able to get into their fields due to the wetness of the soil.  Now that the sun is back, look for a huge profusion of produce at you local farmers markets.  We’ve got a listing of most of the local farmers markets in the five county region of the Upper Hudson Valley - chances are, there one near you.  Shopping your local farmers market for your weekly provisions is perhaps the best way to keep your dollars circulating in the local economy.  That’s al the more important now, as the Great Recession continues its stranglehold on the national economy.

Summertime is vacation time, and while many folks travel outside the area to find their fun, there are many other people who come to the Upper Hudson Valley to find their fun, believe it or not.  Fact of the matter is, we have so many places within an hour’s drive that we take for granted, perhaps this is the summer to find something new and interesting right here in our own backyard.  You’ll save on gas, and the money you spend at local shops, restaurants and entertainment will keep our local economy chugging along, despite whatever happens elsewhere.  For ideas, check out our special Staycation section in this issue.  Nearby trips to the village s of Washington County, Northville on the Sacandaga Lake and the Hilltowns of Albany County will surprise you with their offerings.  A bit off the beaten track, but rich in rural character (and characters), these three destinations are hotbeds of localism right now.  There are no big box stores.  There are no freeways.  Just meandering country roads that take you to locally owned shops restaurants and farm stands. The scenic beauty will amaze you, and the conversations will engage you.  You might even get a hug, because these folks will love you for stopping by.  They need you to give them a little boost this summer, because it has been a long winter and spring without much activity.  In particular, seek out the business people that are listed on the promotional pages within.  This is your personal invitation to come check them out.  I have personally vouch for each and every one of them - they are a bona fide good time and worth the trip from wherever you are.  It’s one of the perks of doing this magazine every other month.  I get to meet some of the best people in our little world here, and it is my joy to share a little piece of them with you.

Don’t forget tot dig into our feature stories – we’ve got some good ones for you.  The local living economy is getting stronger everyday, and the stories within these pages are proof of that. If everybody pulls a little bit, it’s amazing how much further we can go.  So get out there this summer and go find a local enterprise that needs some of your love and give it to them!  After all, we are the economy…we are the local….we are the eco-LOCAL!

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